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Buying houseplants cheaply? Here's how to do it..


If you are on a tight budget or just don't want to pay top dollar for your new houseplants, here are some tips for you. There are various ways of getting beautiful houseplants without having to dig very deep into your pockets. In some cases, you will have to go out yourself, but there are also various options online. In this blog, I will give you 5 options, so that you can still have fun with a limited budget. 

1# Plant shelter
There are a lot of plant lovers in the Netherlands who really enjoy giving neglected houseplants a new life. They are often offered the plants by people who move house or simply no longer have room for them. They then give the plant the attention it needs again and keep it until it is suitable again to make someone else happy with it for a second life. These are often somewhat smaller houseplants, but sometimes they also have large houseplants that you can really enjoy for a long time.

Plant shelters can be found all over the country and there are many more than you think, so check Facebook or Google to see what is near you. They often charge a small expense in exchange for the plant, but there are also locations where they work on an exchange basis. You hand in an old houseplant and then get to pick something else for it. So just enquire about the possibilities.   

2# Ebay
When you think of buying houseplants, you probably won't immediately think of Ebay, but there is a lot to be found there too. People moving house, empty offices at the end of a rental period, just a few reasons why plants have to go. So even here you can sometimes score a good deal, especially if you are looking for a large houseplant. The bigger the plant you are looking for, the more you will benefit. Just keep in mind that you have to arrange transport yourself and that a large pot can be quite heavy. 

3# Online auction
This is still a fairly unknown place for most people, but no less interesting for that. As the name suggests, the plants are auctioned off and the highest bidder will be awarded the lot (plants). It is a very fun way of buying, because you decide how much you want to bid and therefore what it may cost you. Sometimes this can work out very favourably, but if there are many bidders, people may even bid above the market price. So set a price in advance and stick to it, because otherwise you might end up very expensive. 

You can do a simple Google search on "Auction houseplants" and this will often bring up a few things. In some cases, these are companies where offices are auctioned, often with larger plants. But I also regularly see auctions with new plants, so there is something for everyone. But again, be careful when bidding and determine your maximum bid in advance. 

Bear in mind that there is often a surcharge to be paid as well as possible shipping and/or administrative costs. So be really well informed beforehand, because your bid is binding.  

4# Buy small
Some houseplants are quite pricey if you want a slightly larger specimen. Now several species of houseplants grow quite slowly and this is not an option, but for example a Monstera, Alocasia or Strelitzia grows quite fast. Just buy these plants small or even as cuttings. Immediately put them in a large pot with fresh soil so they can take root and then you will often have a large houseplant within 1 to 2 years. The same applies to houseplants on moss sticks. Just buy loose moss sticks and 1 or 2 cuttings, and in no time they will grow to the top. It will take a bit longer to get a full plant, but that's what the price is for and it's also just fun to watch your own plants grow up. 

5# Benefit packs
If you just want new houseplants that you can be sure will be fresh and delivered to your home, I recommend you consider a discount package of houseplants. Almost everywhere advertises free shipping on houseplants, but at the end of the day, it is included in the price and is a cinch. When you buy a benefit package, you have 1 box with several houseplants. This means you only pay shipping once and that reduces the cost per plant. At the bottom of the line, this is cheaper than ordering all individual plants. In addition, you can choose different mixes with and without a decorative pot, often starting from under € 20. The nice thing is that you can also get nice mixes, which give you some diversity in your houseplants. 

And don't forget a nice ornamental pot for less..
If you have managed to score some cheap plants, you don't want to put them in an expensive ornamental pot. The other day at the thrift shop, I saw a complete rack full of various pots, baskets and bowls for houseplants. So you can often succeed there, especially for the smaller pot sizes. Larger pots at a competitive price are a bit more difficult, but you will succeed via Ebay.

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