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Potted houseplants

Looking for a new potted houseplant or need some inspiration? Then this is the place to be, as we have listed some 16 different potted houseplants to give you an idea of what is possible. Whether you are looking for a small potted plant to give someone as a present or for a large potted houseplant for the office. In this blog you will not only find inspiration, but also tips on how to find the right houseplant for your situation. 

Buying plants online has many advantages
Where you used to buy a single plant and pot at the local garden centre, nowadays you see a big shift towards buying online. Online, you simply find the largest selection of potted houseplants and can immediately see what a plant-pot combination will look like. When you want to give someone a present, for instance, it is much nicer to order a plant directly with a matching pot. That way, you give a ready-made gift that the recipient can enjoy right away. But transport is also a problem for many, especially if you are looking for a large potted houseplant. As a result, more and more consumers, but certainly also companies, simply buy their plants online and have them delivered. 

Below you will first find some small houseplants for inspiration..

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