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Top 10 pet-friendly houseplants

If you have a dog or cat and are curious to know which houseplants are non-toxic and can be safely placed in your home, we would like to help you on your way. Some plants naturally have toxic juices in them to protect themselves in nature. When you have pets, it is nice to have plants that are non-toxic, so to get you started, here are some 10 pet-friendly houseplants.

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Where do you want to put your new houseplant?
For your new houseplant to be successful, it is vital that it is placed in the right spot. Shade plants hate a lot of sunlight, while sun-lovers prefer not to be too dark. So the first step is to find out how much light your new houseplant will get in its new spot. Based on that, you can make a selection of non-toxic, pet-friendly houseplants that are right for you. 

Place where your plant will be in contact with a lot of direct sunlight.

A place where there is plenty of daylight and where the plant has limited exposure to direct sunlight.

In this spot, daylight is present but your plant is never exposed to direct sunlight.

How green are your fingers?
There are many types of houseplants that are non-toxic, some require little care and are almost impossible to break, while others are very delicate and need a bit more attention. Some pet-friendly houseplants that require little care include the Areca palm, Aspidistra, Pancake plant and Grass Lily.

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