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About us


We love green and especially green houseplants. We love to inspire and inform people about everything to do with houseplants. Whether you are looking for care tips for your current plant or want to know which houseplant can stand in the sun, we at Flora Fashion are happy to help you on your way.

From webshop to blog
Anyone who has known us for a while will know that we used to sell houseplants ourselves via this website. We sold the most beautiful houseplants online to individuals and companies within the Netherlands and Belgium, but that came to an end in early 2022. To keep up with the market, we had to look for a new location and further expand the assortment. After long consideration, we decided not to take that step; there is more to life than work. 

And then..
We were already writing regular blogs for the web shop and later we also started with videos. On top of that, we still see the visitor numbers increasing every day, so what do you do with that? Throwing everything in the bin would be a waste, and over the years we have also built up a large, unique photo collection of our own. That's when the idea was born to continue as a houseplant blog. Everything comes together here, the knowledge, the images and if we want a day off, we can do that too.

Our goal
We would like to help everyone with our knowledge, which enables us to write blogs with content. Whether you are looking for a trendy houseplant or tips for repotting your plants, we try to inform you as broadly as possible. We are just not professional copywriters, so our apologies for any spelling mistakes ?

Nothing is for free
Enjoying your work is important and we don't need to get rich from blogging, but some income is necessary to cover the costs. Because we no longer sell products ourselves, in some cases we refer you to other parties who do sell the product in question. Here, we prefer items that have a high rating, so we know it's good. In some cases, we get a small commission for this, which costs you nothing extra, but ensures that we can maintain this blog.

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