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Have you just bought a new houseplant and are you still looking for a matching planter, flowerpot, basket or bowl? Then you've come to the right place. We've made an informative video that will give you an idea of the possibilities and things to consider when buying.

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Square, round, tapered, high, low, on legs, hanging, etc..
Planters come in all shapes, such as round, square, high, low, elongated, hanging or bowl-shaped. You name it, it is for sale. In practice, we often see that people spend money on a beautiful houseplant, but then buy the pot as a "must-have" and that's a shame. A nice flower pot or planter can make all the difference between a cheap or exclusive plant. Do not forget that a planter will in fact last indefinitely and is therefore a one-off purchase. You may have to replace the plant once due to age or illness, but you will simply use the planter again. And with a little searching, you will see that even more exclusive planters can often be found at a reasonable price.

Tip: If you have a large or heavy planter that you want to be able to move from time to time, we recommend buying a handy plant trolley to go with it.

Choose the material that suits your style
Terracotta, ceramic, wood, plastic, wicker, fibrestone or any other material you can think of, it is all available. Each material has its pros and cons, e.g. wood can discolour, plastic is lightweight and fibrestone gives a more exclusive look. It would go too far to describe each material separately here, in general the choice of material is mainly a matter of taste and look you want to achieve.

Finding the right size flower pot
Sometimes it is still quite difficult to buy the right size planter. If you walk into a garden centre and pick your plant first, you walk on to the flower pots and you can try them on right away. But how do you find the right size ornamental pot, if you prefer to buy your things online? If you buy your houseplants online, just in a standard ornamental pot, the diameter of the ornamental pot is always mentioned. This is the diameter of the nursery pot at the top, i.e. at its widest point. If you want to put your plant with growing pot and all in a separate flower pot, then choose a decorative pot with a hole about 2 cm bigger. That way, everything fits well and you get a stylish whole without too much empty space.

If you want to take your houseplant straight out of the pot and pot it up with fresh soil, it is better to choose a flower pot or planter that is a bit larger. In that case, buy one that is one stroke larger than the diameter of the pot, so that you have enough space to add some extra, fresh soil. That way your plant can root further and will eventually become stronger and grow faster.

Fact: The diameter of the nursery pot is often also its height. If you have a nursery pot with a 19cm diameter, in most cases it will also be about 19cm high. That way you can determine whether your new flower pot has sufficient depth.

Is your new flower pot waterproof?
This seems very obvious to most people, but unfortunately it is not. Not all planters, flower pots and bowls are 100% waterproof. As a result, your pot may start to leak over time, resulting in mould and circles on your table or floor, which nobody wants. To know whether your new pot is waterproof, there is often a sticker or label on the pot that states whether it is waterproof. If you buy your new flower pots online, this will be in the description. 

Some planters, baskets and pots have a plastic bag on the inside, this is ideal, because then you can actually be sure that you don't have to expect a rash. In some cases there is even a full plastic bucket inside the pot, even then you are assured of a watertight solution. It is often the more luxurious pots that are not completely watertight, in the video below you can see how to make your new acquisition watertight by using a plastic insert sleeve.

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Avoid scratching your floor with felts
Some manufacturers supply all their planters, decorative pots and bowls with felts underneath. That way, you avoid scratching your floor when moving your flower pots. Once your planter is set up, it is very difficult to stick felt under it afterwards. If you buy online and there is no mention of felts in the description, I would just order them directly as a precaution.

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