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Everything you need to care for your houseplants

When you have a beautiful houseplant, you want to keep it beautiful and for that it is important that you use the right products. There are handy moisture meters, for instance, that help you water your plants in time. But also think about plant food, potting soil, substrate and pest control. Some accessories actually make taking care of your plants easier, while others contribute to growing healthier houseplants. 

Water meters
To this day, most houseplants always die from excess water. This is a shame and often very simple to prevent with a handy water meter. 

The best soil
Not every houseplant thrives on universal houseplant soil; succulents like airy soil, orchids thrive on bark and most other houseplants prefer a substrate like Lechuza-Pon. The soil you put your plant in, that is the base and that is where it should take root. The better the base is, the stronger your plant will become. We have written a blog about Zeoponic, a professional substrate with great advantages, which is suitable for almost all houseplants. 

Plant food
In nature, old leaves swirl off plants and fall to the ground, where they slowly decompose. This creates new nutrition for the plants and you actually have a kind of cycle. Unfortunately, this doesn't work in the home and plant feeding is often necessary to keep your houseplants in good condition.

Insert sleeves
Did you know that many planters are not waterproof at all? This often results in moisture penetration after a while, causing circles on your floor, cupboard or table. When you buy a new flower pot, it often comes with a label that tells you whether your new acquisition is 100% waterproof or whether you need to use an insert sleeve.

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